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Technology meets tradition. Connect with your wine.

The ASKO Wine Climate Cabinet won't just take perfect care of your wine. It learns about it, talks to you about it, pays attention to it and remembers it. You might even say that it enjoys it as much as you do. It contains all of the advanced care and storage features that a valuable collection deserves. It’s capable of storing a large collection – up to 189 bottles – in the right conditions for storing or serving. It features three individual controllable temperature zones, pure charcoal-filtered air, virtually vibration-free compressors and a sophisticated shelf system and layout. The three temperature zones are perfectly sealed off from one another, humidity is monitored, and the door's glass protects the contents from UV light.

A wine climate cabinet that brings centuries of expertise right up to date.

Given the amount of care, attention and passion that goes into producing the grape, and the wine, we believe that it’s only right to have a wine cabinet that pays the same kind of respect to the finished product.