Get to know your wine.

    Connected and guiding features of the Wine Climate Cabinet.

    One incredible feature is the wine climate cabinet's companion app – which is connected to Vivino, with its vast database of wine information. With the app, you can digitally scan and log each bottle. Not only does this put a whole world of information about tasting, storage, readiness to drink, and way more at your fingertips, it lets you keep track of what you have.

    To scan your bottle


    Using either the cabinet's built-in camera or the companion app on your smartphone, you can scan the labels on your bottles and log them in your inventory. It'll keep track of what you have, put the information at your fingertips, and even tell you where on the shelves each bottle is.

    You can also add “notes” to special bottles – helping you remember who gave them to you, or reminding you when they should be opened.

    Fully connected

    The Wine Climate Cabinet's companion app is connected to the Vivino database – putting a wealth of information at your fingertips and allowing you to log and keep track of your collection. Log your wine collection in the ASKO Wine Climate Cabinet's companion app, and you will receive expert advice about how to store it – and when it’s ready to be opened.

    Control the cabinets characteristics

    All of the most important features can be controlled via the companion app. You can change the lights, control the temperatures, check on the humidity levels and even read statistics. You can even change the color of the light in the serving area, making it easy to match or set the mood of your cabinets surroundings.

    Andreas Larsson about connected features:


    There is, absolutely, a whole world around wine which is just as rewarding as the wine itself. Learning about wine is as important as maintaining a collection. You don’t have to be a fully-fledged expert to know how to appreciate wine. But with more information: you might catch the bug like I did, or just be able to fill in some of the background of the wine that you love.