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Quality in everything we do.

 At ASKO, we build dishwashers for commercial and industrial use – from nursing homes and day care centres to hotels, hairdressers, and camp sites. In these settings, dishwashers can be used multiple times a day, so they must be built to last. We know what it takes to design, develop and build machines that can handle the demands of commercial use. We want you to experience the same benefits and the same levels of performance as the professionals. So, when it comes to designing our dishwashers for use at home, we take the same approach and apply the same rigorous standards regarding performance, reliability and quality. At ASKO, we believe everyone deserves quality. Because to us, quality is everything.

As well as delivering consistently high performance, the DW60 is reliable, durable, and a benchmark when it comes to sustainability. Our dishwashers are rigorously tested to the equivalent of 20 years’ regular use and is designed to deliver decades of care for dishes, cutlery, glass and crockery, while the solid construction and high-quality materials reduce the need for costly repairs or replacement parts. In short, the DW60 is the durable choice. It’s also one of the most sustainable.

No other material lasts as long as steel. And no other dishwashers have as many details made from steel instead of plastic as ASKO dishwashers. In fact, eight of the most important components in our dishwashers are made of high-quality steel rather than plastic: the container, loading racks, spray pipe, spray arms, strainers, outer base, feet, and inner door. By using more steel and less plastic, we make our machines last longer.


Let there be light. 

“When it comes to getting dishes and cutlery really clean, there are four important ingredients: temperature, chemistry, mechanical action and time. When developing our new DW60 series of dishwashers, we wanted to take cleanliness and hygiene to the highest level. So, we added a fifth and unexpected ingredient – light. UV light, to be exact. For our bodies, moderate exposure to UV light is a good source of vitamin D. It improves our mood and boosts our energy. But what about our dishes? Well, UV light is also proven to kill bacteria. This is why we decided to build our latest dishwashing innovation around it, enabling up to 99,99999 % bacterial elimination.” * UV Cleanse mode in combination with intensive or hygiene programs. Tested against standard QB/T 5133-2017. ** UV Cleanse adds approximately 15-20 minutes to the program time.

Both the circulation and the drain pump are equipped with brushless DC electric motors of BLDC type, which offers a lot of advantages like less noise, reduced energy consumption, and long-term durability. BLDC motors have variable water pressure that optimizes the cleaning performance and sound level.

As more and more kitchens are fitted with eye-catching – and expensive – wooden floors, modern dishwashers must be designed to provide floors, fittings and cabinets with the highest protection against moisture and water damage. The DW60 dishwasher features our unique Aqua Safe™ system – an advanced water safety system that combines sturdy construction, high-quality materials and smart systems and sensors to ensure that your wooden floor stays dry – and your dishes stay clean.

The Aqua Safe™ system includes:

  • Few sealing points outside the container
  • Seam-welded stainless steel
  • Waterproof external base
  • Exterior Float Aqua
  • Detect sensor
  • Stand by water protection
  • PEX inlet hose
  • Maximum time for water intake
  • Light and sound alarm
  • Anti-block drain pump