Congratulations on your purchase. To register your appliances, please fill out the form below. The information you provide will be handled the strictest confidentiality.


- Ensure the full 2 years of warranty.

- Allows for communication and service under the terms of your warranty, should the need arise.

- Verifies ownership in the event of an insurance claim due to product theft or loss.

- In the unlikely event of a product recall or a safety modification, we will be able to contact you. 


Information you will need for product registration:

- Art. (Article) Number: Six-digit product number.

- Serial Number: Number next to the bar code on the product label.

- Dealer/Store: Where you purchased your product

- Name of Installation Company: or write in “self-installed”


The labels on ASKO appliances can be found in these places: 

- Dishwasher: On the right side of the inner door panel or tank.

- Dryer: Behind the dryer door in the upper left corner of the unit.

- Washer: Above the glass door on the inner panel.


If you have any problems registering the appliances you have purchased, please call us at 1 800 361 0799.