Washing programmes for all kinds of laundry.

    Today, we wear a lot more various types of clothes; different fabrics and often mixed materials than we did even a decade ago. As a result, selecting the right program becomes more difficult. We have made it east for you to make the right choice by developing many programs for various types of clothing and fabrics. Soe of them are featured here.


    Jeans are a durable fabric outside the washing machine but require some extra care during washing. Our Jeans programme cleans your favourite pair by washing at lower temperatures and using lower spin speeds. In addition, we have added extra water to ensure that all detergent residue is washed from the fabric and the thick seams, eliminating the risk of detergent stains.


    The hygiene program is designed for all those situations where deep hygienic washing is required. It is perfect for home chefs who need to clean aprons, kitchen towels and other textiles that meet uncooked food. It is also suitable for baby clothes, bedding and clothes used by skin allergy sufferers. In the latter case we recommend you turn the garments inside out as this will also thoroughly wash out any skin residue or residue from skin products. The program combines longer heating sequences and extra rinses.


    A programme for clothes with membranes, such as waterproof garments and breathable fabrics. This programme is also ideal for sportswear made of mixed materials. The programme is short and uses fewer rinses to reduce wear on waterproofing agents.


    Have you ever found that it’s hard to get collars and cuffs clean on your shirts? Then you should try the shirts programme. It’s a gentle but effective programme where we use more water and repeated rinses to get even the thicker parts of the shirt clean.

    Dark wash

    For dark laundry, eliminating the risk of detergent spots on fabrics. Extra rinses are added while low mechanical action and low spin speeds ensure that your dark laundry is washed gently and rinsed thoroughly.


    This is a short programme for adding waterproofing agent to fabrics. The programme uses cold water only and low mechanical action. For use with a waterproofing agent.


    A weekly wash of your bedding will remove skin residue and mites that cause allergies. This programme is used to wash bedding, pillows and larger items. Follow the instructions for washing and care. The wash uses a large amount of water and extra rinse cycles.

    Quick Pro

    This is a quick programme but with high washing efficiency. The programme washes with gentle tumbling and lower spin speeds and takes just less under an hour.

    Mode function - your shortcut to better washing

    When using a run mode, different parameters of the selected programme are changed to be able to, for example, wash faster, quieter, more energy efficiently or more intensively. Our Style models have six different modes, Logic has five and the Classic models three.

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    Washing machines features - Eliminating your biggest troubles

    While working on our most recent washing machines and dryers, we met with many customers. These get-togethers evolved into mini stories with varying points of view, ideas, and wishes. We learned a lot and started developing a new generation of washing machines and tumble dryers with a great many improvements and solutions. We have compiled a list of some of the most common concerns, as well as our endeavors to resolve them.

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