Focus points
    a hint of nature


    Opening the door of our new dishwasher can open your eyes to a few things. The high-grade steel might catch your attention at first. Then it may be one of the machine’s many clever features. These are highlighted with a color that mimics the ways in which nature brings focus to things. Closing the door puts the machine back in its place – where it doesn’t compete for space or attention – instead, it makes the room.

    When we designed the interior of the dishwasher, we wanted to make it more user-friendly than any other dishwasher on the market. We always draw inspiration from nature, and one thing I like is how nature can draw your attention to the littlest details – even in chaotic settings such as a forest or a rocky seashore. The accent color inside of our dishwasher is inspired by the lichens on our seashore rocks and the bursting sprouts in spring.

      Words from the designer


      In contrast to the dark metal baskets and the stainless-steel housing, this colour really does what it’s supposed to – makes it clear what lever to pull or what handle to grab. It´s innovative, and its inclusive – it is ASKO.


      “Inspired by the lichens on our seashore rocks and the bursting sprouts in spring, our accent colour helps you find the spots inside our dishwasher that needs extra attention.”

      Lisa Lindberg, Designer DW60, Lidköping, Sweden


      The accent colour is featured on all models in the latest ASKO lineup.