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World's tallest loading height.


Auto dose.


Controllable via app.


A dishwasher built to last years.

Through the years a lot happens. You meet someone and start a life together. You host dinner parties, you fight and break up, then kiss and make up. You get a dog, you have a child. A child who grows up way too fast and all of a sudden moves out. But during those years you have one thing that always stays the same—Your ASKO dishwasher.


Focus points – a hint of nature

Opening the door of our new dishwasher can open your eyes to a few things. The highgrade steel might catch your attention at first. Then it may be one of the machine’s many clever features. These are highlighted with a colour that mimics the ways in which nature brings focus to things. Closing the door puts the machine back in its place – where it doesn’t compete for space or attention – instead, it makes the room.


UV cleanse mode™

When it comes to getting dishes and cutlery really clean, there are four important ingredients: temperature, chemistry, mechanical action and time. When developing our new DW60 series of dishwashers, we wanted to take cleanliness and hygiene to the highest level. So, we added a fifth and unexpected ingredient – light. UV light, to be exact. For our bodies, moderate exposure to UV light is a good source of vitamin D. It improves our mood and boosts our energy. But what about our dishes? Well, UV light is also proven to kill bacteria. This is why we decided to build our latest dishwashing innovation around it, enabling up to 99,99999 % bacterial elimination.



The ConnectLife app lets you control and monitor your ASKO dishwasher remotely via your smartphone or tablet. You can look up the online user manual, change settings, check the machine’s status and more. The app includes a step-by-step guide to help you find the best programs for you depending on what you’re washing and how you prefer to wash it.


Automatic dosage

Through years of research, we have identified the exact amount of detergent needed to deliver consistently perfect cleaning results. That’s our job. Of course, we don’t expect you to spend time thinking about this. That’s why we designed Auto Dose. The auto dosing compartment in our dishwashers stores up to 30 days’ worth of detergent. This means you only need to fill it once a month. Just load your dishes, choose your program, and you’re ready to go. Hassle-free, as it should be.